Jen Hail
Woman sitting at a table, lightly crossing her arms and staring at the camera

Hi, I’m Jen

I’m a web developer, inspired by design and aesthetics, fueled by matcha lattes and endless curiosity. I believe that the secret to success is hidden in our daily habits. I’ve really gotten into reading on my Kindle lately (either a good rom com or a self-improvement book). Some of the things that make me smile include: Latin dancing, playing tennis, sleeping in a cozy bed, eating good food with good friends and my adorable cat Theo. If you want to know more, click around here or send me a message. :)

Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

Let yourself be as wild as the ocean, as free as the sea.

Black and white photo of Jennifer wearing sunglasses, smiling during a sunny day in a garden full of peonies